International Private Banking

International Private Banking Provides Private Banking Services For Elite

International private banking tends to be often confused to mean banking services provided by private banks. Private banking is a specialized component of banks which cater to wealthy clients and persons with substantial deposit amounts. Traditionally, private banking services were exclusively available to very wealthy clients who deposited sums ranging anywhere between $100 000 to $2 million. Given the value of these deposits, private banking involves specialized banking services offered to account holders of such amounts so that a more personal banking relationship is developed with high net worth clients and the management of an international bank.

Further benefits can be obtained from second citizenship programs. Investors who are able to apply for a second passport through a second citizenship program better their chances of reducing taxes. Contact us to find out about citizenship programs in Dominica, such as the Dominica citizenship by investment which offers a citizenship by real estate investment option and an economic citizenship program, as well as the St. Kitts citizenship by real estate investment. offshore companies can form part of the package to your tax freedom.

International private banking focuses on tailored and specialty wealth management and preservation of assets such as timberlands, ranches, mineral properties, boats, real estate and farms. In catering to the profiles of its private banking clients, a bank providing international banking services assumes the responsibility of managing potential and existing investments. International private banking provides a means of protecting assets through tailored international private services so that assets involved can yield the highest possible returns.

Meanwhile, the investment strategies used in international private banking ensure that different programs designed to meet the needs of international bank account holders are well planned and implemented. This signifies that international private banking involves analyzing and mitigating potential losses. Banks offering international private banking services may also provide fiduciary services which enhance the level of protection that those assets receive. International private banking facilitates selling, transferring and evaluating the worth of these assets by professionals who are trained with resolving management matters of many types of assets.

International private banking also entails family governance programs which includes family counseling services on estate and succession planning, risk, investment and asset management including retail banking facilities, tax advice and access to legal resources. International private banking helps improve the knowledge that members of a family may have in terms of the legal procedures that are necessary in undertaking certain investment and estate planning schemes and the possibilities of investing that will help enhance future of family generations. Family counseling programs are geared at assisting families to allocate their asset in a way that will positively influence their investments for long term goals. These programs are customized to suit the individual family case scenarios and that focus on constructing appropriate and effective portfolios. The benefits of international private banking are better achieved when extra large sums of wealth are accumulated.


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