International Investment Banking

International Investment Banking - Banking For Investment Markets

International investment banking refers to the services that a bank offers through the provision of means whereby customers are able to raise funds in international capital markets.

International investment banking basically involves buying and selling products through proprietary trading, which is undertaken by a specific group of traders who generally do not come into direct contact with the international investment bank’s customers as well as “principal risk”, which is assumed by a trader engaged in buying and selling a particular product to a client but avoids hedging his complete exposure. However, in the process of conducting these activities, an international investment bank engages a wide scope of transactions, some of which include special consultancy services for mergers, acquisitions, trading equity securities, forex, fixed income, handling pension, hedge and mutual funds, commodity and derivatives, as well as divestment which entails reducing assets to meet certain ethical or financial goals.

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These functions of an international investment bank come under the general headings of investment management, merchant banking, strategy planning, sales and trading, research and structuring, which may all fall into the two main categories international investment banking, namely mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance which are placed in the “front office” or sales and marketing department of an international investment bank. Other operations of an international investment bank such as risk management, finance and compliance are grouped in the investment bank’s “middle office” or financial services. International investment banks also have “back-office” functions, namely operations, accounting, human resource and information technology. This is the department of an international investment bank which is responsible for running the company and was named after the physical layout of the bank. International investment banks are distinct from commercial banking institutions in that they do not accept deposits and make retail loans available to customers. Moderately sized firms that provide international investment services are known as boutiques and principally engage in activities such as technical analysis, the buying and selling of bonds and giving advice on merger and acquisition advice.

International investment banking is provided as one of the feature services of major foreign, offshore and international banks. However, international investment banking can be the sole function of any bank that is dedicated to offering strictly international investment products and services. Some international investment banks are based offshore and make their services only available to an offshore clientele which is capable of distributing their shares via the internet through advanced electronic international investment banking facilities.


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